Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Baby

We got our first REAL snow fall this weekend, of course it hit as we were driving home from Calgary, so our normal two and a half hour drive actually turned into a four hour drive! But unlike the 13 cars we saw in the ditch on our way home, we made it ok.

Yesterday, the snow was nice and fluffy, and the temperature was nice and warm -8'C. So I bundled Donovan up and took him and Ruby outside to play in the snow. They both LOVED it. As usually Ruby is happiest in the snow, she runs around, jumps and plays like she is a puppy again. I swear, the more snow the better for her.

It took Donovan a while to get used to the big snow boots and snow suit, so he spent a lot of time crawling in the snow, as it was easier the walking, but he still had a great time! This winter is going to be great!

Then tonight, Jamie Donovan and I put the tree up! It was SO MUCH FUN! Donovan really did try to help, and although the ornaments that he put on the tree weren't so much "hung" as "nested" in there, it was still a blast!

Pictures to follow soon!

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