Monday, May 25, 2009


Donovan and I took a walk around the block this afternoon, and then later this evening (after supper) we walked to the park.

Walking with an almost 2 year old, is well, very interesting. If you aren't the type of person that normally stops and smells the roses, well, you will be if you walk with a 1 year old.

Things we discovered today:

If you have rocks in your front/side yard instead of grass, you might as well have a sign that says "Please come and play in my yard". Or at least that's the way Donovan sees things.

Ants, are fascinating. Although you must be careful not to follow them onto the street!!

Rocks are even more fun when they are BIGGER. Watching Donovan try to pick up a bigger rock then he can carry, is very entertaining.

Little knees will get skinned, and there is nothing that a mommy can do about it. Well except for polysporn and bandaids before bed (and only before bed, because otherwise little fingers will pick off bandaids).

Just about everyone driving by, will wave, if a smiley toddler is waving at them (and Donovan waves at just about everyone).

Going down the slide is worthy of a standing ovation. A lot of standing ovations to kids at the park today. ;)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I've been telling you about a lot of concerts I've been to lately, but haven't posted any pictures. Here are a few of the latest concert we were at, which happens to be one of my favorite bands, The Trews:
Pictures taken on my cell phone, so the quality wasn't that great, but since I was SO CLOSE to the stage, you can still see pretty good. Also I got to meet the band after, so that's who the guys are in the other pics with me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day

How I spent my Mothers Day.

Hugs from the greatest Son a mom could ask for!!

Watching the men of my life go for a walk (one of my favorite pictures of them together. Only wish I had used the D80 rather then the coolpix to shoot this, would like to blow it up).
If only he didn't just shove whatever food he was eating in his mouth, lol. When you spend the day at Grandma's and Grandpa's, you are always eating!

How do you not LOVE this face???

My two guys! Thanks for making the day so special! (The gift they got me, I will actually be receiving on June 12th, I'll upload pictures when it's done, until then, you will have to stay in suspense).

It was a great day!
And even better news, the next day at the gym when I was weighed and measured, I found out, in the last month, I'm down 4.5inches overall!! Can we say WOOOOWHOOO! 1 inch of each thigh, an inch off the hips and some more loss from the waist and arms! I was absolutely floored to get those results, and laughed when I told the trainer, "no wonder my jeans have been fitting better!" Project Me, so far, huge success. I've also upped my training at the gym this month (still 3 times a week, but add about 5-10mins to the work out and upped the intensity) so I'm really excited to see my body start to change into a more toned one!! Summer here I come!!

I hope you all had a great mothers day!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

PEI Addition

Jamie and I moved to Alberta 4 years ago (holy crap has it actually been THAT long?) And in the time, we have taken a LOT of trips to PEI, but we don't often get the joy of having someone from PEI coming out here to visit.
This month that changed. Jamie's Uncle and Aunt came to visit us for 2 days earlier this month. Here are a few highlights....
The first stop we made when they came to visit was Medicine Hat's landmark, the Worlds Tallest Tepee
Donovan "reading" the sign...
Jamie and his uncle on a walk to the park.
Walking home from the park, Donovan loves to knock on this fence and say "hello?" I could only imagine the look on his face is someone was there one day!!
My favorite picture from the day at the Tepee.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Since the writing seems to be eluding me right now, I'm thinking of switching things to more of a photoblog, format. We'll see how it goes....
Donovan - the Easter Chocolate Addition....