Thursday, May 7, 2009

PEI Addition

Jamie and I moved to Alberta 4 years ago (holy crap has it actually been THAT long?) And in the time, we have taken a LOT of trips to PEI, but we don't often get the joy of having someone from PEI coming out here to visit.
This month that changed. Jamie's Uncle and Aunt came to visit us for 2 days earlier this month. Here are a few highlights....
The first stop we made when they came to visit was Medicine Hat's landmark, the Worlds Tallest Tepee
Donovan "reading" the sign...
Jamie and his uncle on a walk to the park.
Walking home from the park, Donovan loves to knock on this fence and say "hello?" I could only imagine the look on his face is someone was there one day!!
My favorite picture from the day at the Tepee.

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