Monday, December 8, 2008

Road Trip

We went up to Calgary this weekend on a road trip for Jamie's boxing. Donovan couldn't have behaved better, he was a little angel and charmed the pants off of everyone he met!

On little story from the trip...

Saturday night after we watched Jamie's fight, Donovan and I went back up to the hotel room so I could put him to bed, and Jamie stayed down to finish watching the fights and visit with everyone.

About 10pm (Donovan had been asleep for about 20mins by this time, yes yes, it was a VERY late night for him). I hear the fire alarm out in the hallway start to ding.
So I stick my head out the door to see what was going on, and no one seemed to know anything.

"Hum, weird" I thought, and then decided I better call down to the front desk to see what was up. I called and asked if it was a fire, or an emergency or just a false alarm or what, and the guy at the desk said,
"Um, well I don't think it's anything, you should be ok"

So I sat down as the alarm started dinging more frantically, looked over at Donovan sleeping away and thought, do I really wanna chance getting stuck in this room on a "I should be ok"?

So I grabbed the car keys, put my shoes on, and picked up Donovan and his blanket. Went into the hallway, where the alarm was ringing like crazy, down the stairs into the lobby where Jamie was waiting and panicking because "WHERE WERE YOU? WHY DID YOU TAKE SO LONG?" lol and we waited there for about 20mins while the firemen came in and checked things out.

We still aren't sure if it was a small something or other, or a false alarm, but we were sent back to our rooms and everything was fine.

But the really amazing part about this whole thing? Donovan SLEPT through the entire ordeal, the alarm, the going down and up three flights of stairs, and noisy lobby, all of it!

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Spiritia said...

This happened to us once, but it was at 2am and Kendra woke up. The firemen showed up at the hotel next door and drove away while we all waited outside. It was the quality inn or comfort inn or something... in Hotel Village. That's amazing that he slept through all of it. AND next time, don't call down... just get out because those front desk people never know anything and I've been in a real fire.