Thursday, December 18, 2008

Donovan's Obsession

Donovan LOVES the Christmas decorations, and he especially LOVES the Christmas Village. Every time we walk out of his room, or up or down the stairs, he points and gets all excited to see it. And every time I turn my back, he scampers up the stairs and tries to plug it in, to see the lights!
Here are a few pictures of the village (sorry, it was day time when I took them, so the lights aren't on, but I will take a few when it's dark and post them too).

So this is the whole thing, it's up on my plant ledge, which is thankfully out of reach for Donovan (well for anyone really) however, that did make it a little tricky to put up! lol

This is on the far left, it is the wilderness/farm/residential area:

This is the town center with the school, Church, and other businesses. Also please note Banff up in the background, it's the highest point in this part of the village.

This side is the Ocean View side, with the light house in the top corner (complete with rotating light at the top of the house!) and the fishing shack in the bottom right corner.

Close up of the ocean sector. lol I know, I know, WAY too much time on my hands....


wilsonian said...

Hey! You're back :) I just saw the link in the comments at Jules' place. Nice to find you again.

magnetbabe said...

Thanks for the tour of Jackietown! My mom has an extensive village and I can spend hours looking at it and imaging what might be going on in the village at any time. All the details are amazing. Such a fun winter tradition!

Spiritia said...

Great job! That sure is out of reach for Donovan!