Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Review

Friday marked two weeks since I got my tattoo, which meant I had the all clear to start "soaking" and "swimming" again. So Donovan and I took full advantage and went to the swimming pool today. It was a lot of fun, the two of us haven't been there in AGES, so it was a nice change to our routine. The only thing is, poor Donovan wants to be bigger then he is. He had a good time in the kiddie pool, but really wanted to go into the big wave pool (the waves weren't on yet though, which was too bad, because he LOVES the waves). The only problem with the big pool? Well Donovan didn't want to be held, he wanted to be able to walk around like he could in the kiddie pool. So it was a battle of wills, before I finally let go of him, and let his head go underwater (at which point I picked him back up!) that he realized he couldn't touch. We did get to the edge of the pool where he was contented to walk around at chest height (the kiddie pool only goes up to his waist when he is standing). But I could tell he REALLY REALLY wanted to dive right into the deep water with the bigger kids. I can tell this is going to be a trend with him, wanting to do things before he is physically big enough to, well you know, DO them.

We also stopped at the store to buy some finger paints, which I hope to try out tomorrow. I'll post the pictures, and let you know if we have success or not!

After his nap today we went to my sisters house, and walked to the park near by. The park itself was a little "big" for what Donovan could do. But he did enjoy sitting with me and my sister on the teter-tauter. But the really fun part, was the running around in the trees and grass. In the area of town that we live in, well there aren't many trees, and if there are trees, well they aren't that much bigger then Donovan, so to be in an area that had BIG HUGE mature trees, will Donovan thought that was just great.

So my favorite part of the day was watching Donovan run around in the grass, he is just so full of spunk and life and energy it is truly mind blowing.

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