Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the Go

A couple months ago I got a new cell phone, one of those fancy schmancy ones that lets you take pictures and upload them and stuff.

I thought I would share a few of the pictures we've taken while out and about.

Playing in the backyard. Donovan thought the bucket over his head was the funniest thing ever, walked around like that and everything!

While driving to Calgary we got behind this truck, kinda felt like there was a bunch of nuclear war heads in front of us
The other morning I woke up to a flat tire. The local tire place (at least the one that was closest to my house and I was able to get to) is inside a Sears. So these are the pictures I took while waiting for the tire to be changed.

Who says you have to BUY the toys to play with them?

Really? Is THAT many different colours of playdoh necessary? When I was a kid, we had four colours, red, blue, green and yellow, and we managed just fine. I'm just wondering what 3 year old, needs THAT many different colours to make a snake?

I'm thinking On the Go might be a new thing here, where every couple of weeks I will share a few of the photo's I take while life is happening.


Natalie said...

Kids! With their fancy shmancy Play Doh now days!

Rosalyn said...

Come on, as if you ever made a snake with play-doh! Who are you trying to kid?