Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The UV index was 8 today, which is crazy high. The actually temperature, well I'm not sure, but with an index like that, well it was HOT out.

After going to the park with Donovan an my sister, and him running around like a mad man, it was time to go home. On the way we stopped at the local deli to pick up some freshly stuffed chicken breasts, and well what do you know? They have a slush machine there, and we were ALL dying of thirst.

So I bought myself and my sister and slush, and got an extra straw for Donovan, with the intention of "scooping" him some slush on the walk home to tide him over.

And in what can only be classified as a "remember a couple years ago, when you said, I will NEVER let MY kid do THAT" moment, Donovan ended up walking home with his own slush, and Mommy? Well Mommy was happy to be granted the privilege of a sip every now and again.

************in other completely unrelated news:

It was a pretty good day over all, went to the gym this morning, and after the coke I just finished this evening, I have re-committed to my healthy eating plan. Summer is so hard for me not to snack, the hot weather makes me crave coke, and the long evenings just scream "eat eat eat". So tonight, I've declared to once again cut back on the snacking.

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