Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jamie!

Jamie left Medicine Hat last night, to start on a trip to England with Team Alberta Boxing! I couldn't be more proud of him.

The only problem is, well today is his birthday, and since he wasn't actually here, Donovan and I didn't get any cake! I think that is a problem I will have to remedy shortly!

So while Jamie is away, I told him I would try to update this blog regularly, so he could keep tabs on us... I mean know what's going on around here.

First, we had some people come and look at our house today, who are maybe interested in buying it! This would be awesome for us, since we want to start building our new house this summer/fall, and if these people buy it, it would be private, and we wouldn't have to pay realtor fees. The only problem I see right now, is this is a 3 bedroom 4 bath house, with a finished basement. Sounds all fine and good, until you stop to consider that they have 5 kids (all girls by the way) and number 6 on the way! So the space might be a bit small. However, they are moving up here from Mexico, and can't really afford anything bigger, so they might have to make the space work for them. I'm not really getting my hopes up, until I know one way or another if they are going to buy it or not. If not, then we will end up listing the house.

In other exciting news. Our master bedroom seems to have developed a black hole of sorts. Let me first say, it is not a very big room, so there are only so many places things can hide. Last week Donovan was playing with his wooden toy balls while I was getting ready. When I went to gather up the balls, the blue one was missing. Strange, but it is a small wooden ball, so I let it slide. But today, today the phone went missing! It rang this morning, and it was my Opa calling to wish Jamie a happy birthday. I remember putting it on the night stand and then I finished getting ready. This afternoon when I came home from work, MISSING! Like seriously missing, when I page it, no answer, when I intercom it, no answer, when I call the house number from my cell, I can't here it ringing! I have NO IDEA where it went to. I searched the entire bedroom, and the rest of the house, and even called the cleaning ladies to see if they saw it, and nope, phone = MIA. So as you can tell, the only logical conclusion to draw from this, is that our bedroom has a black hole. Well, either that, or I'm loosing my mind. But Seriously, that phone, where could it have gone to???? I searched EVERYWHERE. I even asked Donovan to "go get mommy the phone!" "Where did you put the phone?" and you know what he did? Ran into the hallway to get the phone that is out there! Which, YEAH! he understood what I asked, but um, NOT THE PHONE I WAS LOOKING FOR.

The great search/mystery continues.....

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