Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keeping it Real....

Is this a sign that I take too many pictures? Or that Donovan is just expressing a natural talent early on? Either way, it is the cutest thing EVER to see him put the camera up to his eye and say "Cheeeeeessssse!"

Just to prove that he doesn't ONLY eat slushes. His afternoon snack one hot June day, oranges (his favorite, he would eat them all day and night if I let him) and cherries.

Last night I tried on his sunglasses from last year to see if they still fit. Not only did they fit, he insisted to wearing them to watch his last show of the night.
When I asked him to "smile please" this is the response I got....

A couple weeks ago my cousins little girl came over to visit (she is 6 months old), I looked at these pictures for the first time today, and wondered when my baby turned into a little boy???

And finally, I got my hair cut today, and since Jamie isn't home to tell me how good it looks, I thought I would leave that up to all of you ;)

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