Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vrooommm Vrrrrooomm!!

I know I've said this a lot lately, but seriously, I cannot believe the changes in Donovan lately, he really is becoming a big kid.

Yesterday we got the package in the mail from Uncle Kurt and Auntie Shawna, and it was "Cars" themed. There was the movie (which he loves) and a car and then a package of Big Boy Underwear.

Today Donovan asked to put them on, so I told him that if he wore them he had to pee in the toilet (which he has been doing off and on for about 4 or 5 months now). So he put them on, and he looked down and saw the "Car" picture on his crotch, and well, what's a little boy to do but grab his crotch and say "VRROOOOM VROOOM!!" It was absolutely hilarious.

Of course, once he realized how "fun" one pair was, he had to have the other two that came in the pack put on too! So he then ran around with three pairs of underwear on!

And I am happy to report, that after the evening in nothing but big boy underwear, we are accident free! He went to the toilet twice!

Woooowhoooo!!! I think we are on the right track here!

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