Tuesday, August 4, 2009

There should be pictures with this post, but then I would have to go to the other computer...

So you may or may not be aware of this, but I have a two year old! How the heck did THAT happen?

We had Donovan's birthday party yesterday (Monday) and it was a great time. The weather was actually perfect, I was hoping for it to be warmer outside, but it turned out it was the perfect temperature, that we were able to keep the backdoor open, and the outside and inside temperatures were about the same!

We kept his party small this year, with only a few friends and family invited. It was great, it was a long day, and a busy day but great.

Last year I was "super mom" and made his cake from scratch (it was an elephant) and we bbq'ed burgers and hot dogs, and made salads, and well, did everything. This year, as we were flying home from Arizona, I was talking to Jamie about all that we had to get done in the next three weeks (the deadline being when we leave for PEI). We are putting the house up for sale, so we have all the work to do in order to get it ready for that, we are finalizing plans with the bank and the builder, and getting all that ready, so there are no delays to the start of construction, we are packing and getting ready for our trip, oh ya, and I'm still working both jobs and taking care of Donovan. So ya, we were going to be busy. Add in his party and Jamie said, "why don't you just order a cake for him this year?" and I thought, well that wasn't such a bad idea. Next I thought, "well if we are ordering cake, why not pizza too?"

So that's what we did. Bought a couple bags of chips for the table, ordered the cake (a super cute, and CHEAP race car cake, which Donovan LOVED) and ordered Pizza. It was easy, no stress, and most importantly, Donovan had a mom and dad "present" at his party and not stressed out about everything they had to "do".

There is so much competition among mothers out there to plan the perfect party, to make everything from scratch, and you better not ask for help. And you know what? None of it matters! Did anyone care that I wasn't the one to make the cake? Nope, not one of them! In fact everyone asked me where I ordered it from, so they could get their next cake there too! (Sobey's by the way, in case you were wondering) and the pizza, well I didn't hear any complaints, and there was only a couple pieces left over, so I guess that went over well too!

What matters most, is that we got to celebrate another year with Donovan. Another year together as a family, and look forward to the next year together. What mattered is the time we spent together.

Happy Birthday Little Man, I feel so blessed to be your mom, and can't wait to watch you grow over the next year!!

And by the way, the only thing terrible about two, is how terribly GREAT it is!

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fiveeleven said...

Congrats on little Donovan making 2 years! It's amazing how fast time goes by. It seems like it was only yesterday when you posted pictures of him after he was born.