Monday, January 26, 2009

Busy as a Bee

Jamie was gone for the last 10 days to the Canadian Armature Boxing Championships. He didn't win the title, but he fought really well and has a chance to go to "box-offs" and make the National B Team, so I am really proud of him (as I usually am!). To welcome him home, I designed this poster of him, and had it blown up and hung on the wall.

I'm very please with how it turned out. One of my first photoshop successes!

It was also a busy week for me. Part of my New Years resolution was to take better care of ME, and in doing that, I needed to take better care of the house, get organized and feel "home" in our house. So I was busy busy busy, cleaning, de-cluttering, organizing, assembling new furniture, and oh ya, tiling the last of the back splash in the kitchen!

I will be posting pictures of my progress soon! Jamie was really happy with what I got done while he was away (it was all a surprise) and I'm sure he is wanting to go away again soon so I will continue with my work! lol


HeyJules said...

Jackie, that is too cute! Great must really be doing some heavy learning in Photoshop!

Natalie said...

Very neat poster! It looks like one of the really old ones. I'm glad to see that now Donovan's a little older you are taking better care of yourself.