Friday, April 10, 2009

oh, hi there!

So it's been a while?? Sorry about that.

Things have been crazy around here as usual. I started working at my new job. I really like it so far, but it's amazing how being out of the house two days a week adds to the business! Donovan is adjusting to the dayhome. The girl that runs the day home says he is doing better each time, although he still isn't a fan of me leaving, and still bursts into tears when I come to pick him up, she said he is generally happy during the day. It's pretty cute when I pick Donovan up, if I can sneak in without him seeing me, he is usually happily doing, well whatever it is he is doing, and as soon as he sees me, he drops what ever he is doing, bursts into tears and RUNS for me. lol, I told Jamie you can just hear him saying "Thank goodness you are here, I've been holding my shit together all day, and I just can't doing any longer!!" It breaks your heart really, and within seconds, after a good cuddle, he's off playing again, or leading me to the door, saying "let's go home mom"

Of course, by saying that Donovan is "saying" these things, I should clarify, that's what his ACTIONS are saying to me. Because Donovan, well not so much with the talking yet. He has "uh oh!" down no problem, sometimes, rarely "no" gets thrown in, and he is working on "go" oh and "Dad" and "Daddy" are also heard regularly. I sometimes get called "Jackie" and rarely I get a version of "mom" but he is definitely taking the talking thing in his own, s.l.o.w. time frame.

The only problem we are having with Donovan in the day home, is on the days he is there, he doesn't want to settle down to sleep at night. Which is odd, because usually he is a rock star sleeper. But I'm sure it's just a transition phase he is going through, and I'm working on my patience.

We are away this weekend for another Boxing tournament. In a little city about 2 hours outside of Medicine Hat. It's been a good trip so far, but today only consisted of getting here! Jamie fights tomorrow and I will keep you updated on his progress.

Happy Easter everyone!!

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